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Restoring Your Health After EMF Exposures

Besides limiting your exposure to electromagnetic radiation, try engaging in restorative activities to undo the harm from those EMF's you can't avoid. This article introduces therapuetic earthing and energy medicine, offers succinct nutritional guidance, and shows you how to stop EMF's from messing with your sleep.

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Whenever possible, plan your escape from the "electrosmog" of wireless waves out to a wilderness space. Here, your natural bio-rhythms can reassert themelves, allowing your cells to return to normal function. Graphic: The City Edition

September 1, 2020 -- It turns out, every cell in our bodies vibrates at certain frequencies, just like a "cell" phone . It's that bioelectric rhythm that orchestrates the taskwork needed to keep our hearts beating, our brains thinking, our T-cells fighting coronaviruses, and so on. However, the subtle electricity of the human organism is no match for wireless waves booming from cell phone towers. Our cells may also be perturbed by strong magnetic fields radiating from everyday electronic devices and equipment.

So, if you'd like to build up a toolkit of recovery mechanisms to help you stay healthy longer, print out this article, take some notes and get started.

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Disclaimer and Caution

This guide provides advice for preventing and responding therapeutically to the possibility of EMF exposures. Always consult your health care practicioner before making changes to your diet and daily routines. To find out with certainty whether radiation levels are dangerous in the first place, consult with a professional in this field. Relevant occupations include electrical engineer, building biologist, electrician, or EMF safety consultant. Some feng shui consultants also provide measurement and mitigation services. The author of this article is a technical writer and not an expert in mitigating EMF radiation.

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Earthing and Grounding Your Body

Earthing means making direct physical contact with the earth for the purpose of grounding, healing and rejuvenating your body. Since exposure to EMF's can raise your body's voltage, it's a good idea to keep yourself grounded (literally, that is) whenever possible. Just as electricians ground all metal components when wiring a building, it makes sense that the same principle should apply us as well.

Earthing also addresses another problem associated with EMF radiation. Since the earth's surface is packed with negatively charged free electrons, whenever you ground to it, those electrons get absorbed through your skin, then neutralize potentially harmful free radicals. The latter are loose atoms produced by oxidative stresses which EMF's are known to trigger. So it's important to keep their numbers in check, since they're a harbinger of cancer and other diseases.

Even before EMF radiation entered the public discourse, studies had already proven the efficacy of earthing in protecting human health. Even pre-mature babies are known to enjoy better outcomes when they're grounded during their hospital stay. And countless medical conditions have been significantly reduced or eliminated when study participants earthed themselves.

While the concept of earthing may sound new, ancient civilizations were well aware of the earth's direct healing power. Of course, if you've ever bathed in a hot springs, you were earthing yourself. But there are easier ways to get the job done. Prior to the 1960’s, for instance, humans were already grounding themselves whenever they stepped outdoors. Then the insulating rubber sole was invented, which blocks the earth's natural magnetism from seeping up through your feet.

In 2010, a cable company technician, Clinton Ober, published a paperback that brought attention to this unhealthy situation, immodestly titled, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever. Ober spent years talking to scientists and eventually devised experiments to prove that earthing could regenerate the body and cure disease. He asked study participants to sleep on sheets lined with conductive foil. The foil was connected to a wire that ran to a grounding rod buried outdoors. After a couple weeks, subjects reported not only getting a better night's sleep, but also improvements with their health issues and injuries.

Ober eventually developed a line of consumer products which are today sold at earthing.com. Instead of sheets, however, the company now produces carbon/leather sleep mats and mattress covers, over which normal sheets can be placed. These come with the required electrical gear to make a safe connection to earth ground via a wall socket in the home. (The connecting plug only uses a ground prong, so there's no contact with home electricty.) Many other earthing solutions have since come to market, such as ground-connected booties that you can wear at night. To check out what's available online, use the web search term "earthing products".

Although the aforementioned sleep solutions offer the easiest and most productive way to benefit from earthing, here are some other things you can do:

  • When conditions allow you to safely do so, find some grass, soil, dirt or sand, and earth your bare feet and/or other parts of your body. If the area is dry, pour some water onto the spot first; that enhances the movement of free electrons through your skin. Earthing on a sunlit spot is even better, since solar radiation stimulates even more electron flow.
  • Where there's no undeveloped space or landscaping, you can earth yourself on concrete or stones. Asphalt, however, won't work. .
  • A great time to earth yourself outside is right after it rains (but not during a thunderstorm or heavy downpour).
  • Indoors, you can earth or ground yourself on:
    • concrete, masonry or stone (like a fireplace).
    • accessible steel or copper pipes, or a metal apartment radiator that’s not currently heating the building. Always test for a hot temperature (or possible dirty electricity) by first tapping metal surfaces lightly with the back of one hand.
  • Although it's not the same as earthing, taking a shower or bath may help you ground residual EMF energy (e.g. excess voltage). Consider adding Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) or other mineral salts, as they can detox aluminum and other conductive metals from your body. If your mineral bath includes a sulfur compound, keep your bath time under 10 minutes, as sulfur will eventually heat up the skin and cause a burning sensation following the bath.
  • Swimming is also grounding. Moreover, if it's a natural body of water, you'll be directly earthing. Just be sure to watch out for water that's cold, as it can suck heat out your body and cause hypothermia before you even realize it's happening.

Energy Medicine and Vibrational (Frequency) Healing

Back in 1928, America's most famous psychic, Edgar Cayce, claimed while in a trance that the human body is made up of electronic vibrations. Whenever these vibrations stray from their normal frequencies, Cayce added, disease would inevitably result. His claim was subsequently proven, and the modern practice of energy medicine was born. Unfortunately, thanks to the American Medical Association, you don't hear much about it on the evening news. In the 1930's, the organization blocked patenting for the Rife machine, which used electrical vibrations of specific frequencies to destroy cancer cells without harming other cells. The inventor's company was also bankrupted by a lawsuit, and his laboratory later destroyed by arson. Such was the reception given to a promising new technology.

Nevertheless, products using vibrational frequencies for health benefits eventually trickled into the marketplace, including new versions of the original Rife machine. You may recall the scene in the Star Trek film set in present-day San Francisco, where Dr. McCoy rebukes a surgeon who's about to drill a hole through Mr. Checkov's skull to treat a blunt-force trauma injury. McCoy then pulls out a gadget that emits sound vibrations, and proceeds to revive his colleague with it. Today, you can buy an array frequency-healing electronics and engage in DIY healing yourself. Of course, whether these products actually deliver on their advertising is another matter.

That said, frequency healing is a broad topic, touching on many traditional therapies. In 1987, Dr. Richard Gerber published Vibrational Medicine, which elucidates at length on the efficacy of both ancient and modern disciplines related to this type of healing. Gerber makes the case for acupuncture, chakra healing, use of crystals, kundalini yoga, Bach flower remedies and traditional homeopathy. By furnishing "subtle energetic help" to an ailing patient, he explains, illness and disease can be rooted out, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

Another book,Vibrational Healing, provides a much lighter take on energy medicine.. Joy Gardner offers a basic tutorial on what electromagnetic vibrations are in the first place, then explains how they're used in sound and color therapy, aromatherapy and chakra healing. Although not mentioned in either book, Reiki healing is another form of traditional energy medicine that has been trending in recent years, although it dates back centuries. Here, practicioners directly impart energy from their palms into the patient's body, sometimes with the help of crystals or a variety of rock minerals .

Finally, Eileen McKusick's Tuning The Human Biofield exemplifies the efficacy of energy medicine in healing the body when standard therapuetics miss the mark. This biofield contains extremely low-amplitude electromagnetic energy that holds information about us and directly interacts with what McKusick kiddingly describes as our "meat machine". Extending several feet from our bodies, the human biofield has been studied for decades by scientists at top universities. While Gerber describes the different layers of it in his book (drawing in part from Vedic literature), McKusick has actually developed a healing method that uses tuning forks to diagnose and re-tune the field. "Emotions buried alive last forever", she quotes neurologist Candace Pert, which underscores how much damage your biofield can wreak on your everyday cellular function. What's more, it's likely that strong EMF's in the environment may have a deleterious effect on the biofield itself. So the tuning fork may prove restorative on multiple levels. McKusick currently runs a training center and clinic in Vermont, and posts a directory of her former students at BiofieldTuning.com.

Regenerate Your Cells With Sleep

You may not think twice about it, but if you're not sleeping well, it's a serious health concern. Sleep is the time when the body's regeneration apparatus kicks into full swing. While we sleep, neurogenesis and cell reproduction take place, and the liver recharges the blood, while pathogens and waste get sent to your excretory organs. If you're not waking up fresh in the morning, take that as your cue to talk to your health care provider and seek out a remedy quickly.

In addition to other causes of insomnia, both hard-wired electricity and wireless electronics are known to disturb sleep. For one thing, blue light radiation emitted by screen displays suppresses melatonin, a chemical that helps induce sleep. EMF exposure, meanwhile, triggers the hormone cortisol, which is sometimes described as a "fight-or-flight" response. Both scenarios can keep you from sleeping, regardless of all the common remedies prescribed.

Here are some things you can do to limit these impacts and get sufficient Z's each night:

  • Several hours before bedtime, stop using your electronics, especially computers and all your wireless devices. Turn off your router as well. Make sure all display screens have gone dark to prevent blue light emissions. You can still listen to podcasts or music.
  • If you're not powering off your mobile phone at night, relocate it outside of the room so you don't hear the constant beep of incoming texts and emails. Even better, use an old-fashioned, battery-operated alarm clock if you need a wake-up call.
  • Don't forget to check on the other side of your walls, floor and ceiling, as well as outside your windows for other sources of EMF's that may be closeby. Walls and windows don't block the movement of EMF's and wireless waves, unless specific mitigation solutions have been installed for that purpose.
  • Devise a bedtime ritual that's conducive to sleep. Your ritual might start with earthing or grounding (or bathing). Then lower the lights. You can now engage in prayer, meditation, yoga, stretching, journal writing or some other activity that helps you wind down and relax.
  • Since EMF’s are known to alter blood flow, consider investing in a blood sugar measuring kit to see if that's preventing sleep. Sometimes, eating a nutritious snack (i.e. one that's low-sugar, no caffeine and non-diuretic) will suffice to enable sleep. Eating a nutritious dinner each evening before 7 p.m. is an even better option.
  • If there's tension in your body, try progressive relaxation to address it. Consider adding eye muscle stretching as well. Breathe deeply as you gently rotate your eyes side to side, up and down, then circling around and finally in diagonal figure-eights. Afterwards, gently stretch all the other muscles in your head. Tense and relax your ears, nose, jaw, mouth and scalp, each for seven seconds, then relax.
  • Sound therapy techniques may also be worth a try. Although your housemates may not like it, making audible seed sounds, grunts, groans and other ejaculations (however bizarre) that create vibratory motion in your body. Once you hit the right notes (or vowels), watch for dissipation of tension.
  • If sleep still eludes you, get out of bed and do something else for awhile. For instance, inhaling some fresh night air delivers healthy ions into your lungs and bloodstream. Indoors, try doing a simple chore or two that's not taxing. Exercise is inadvisable, however, as that will wake you fully.
  • For chronic insomnia, seek out a health practitioner who can help you diagnose the problem and implement a specific remedy.

Nutrition and Supplements

Since radiation - both ionizing (nukes, x-rays) and non-ionizing (EMF, UV) - is linked to cancer and other diseases, it makes sense to adopt an anti-cancer diet to stay ahead of trouble. Recommendations generally include:

    • avoiding carcinogens (e.g. charred meats), irradiated products, or deep-fried / overheated foods (donuts, fries, cheese pizza, nachos, etc.)
    • eating fresh organic produce, nuts and dairy products
    • preparing most meals from scratch
    • using cold-pressed, unrefined cooking oils
    • ferreting out food ingredients with aluminum additives
    • never using aluminum pots, pans or foil to heat up foods in
    • limiting sea food with a high mercury content (e.g. tuna fish)
    • avoiding poultry, meat and dairy with unhealthy additives (e.g. anti-biotics, bovine-growth hormone RGBH)
    • eating detox foods like apples, cilantro, tumeric, chlorella, etc.
    • limiting intake of sweets and sweeteners
    • eating high-protein meals
    • lowering acid intake in favor of more alkaline foods
    • consuming whole fats, not low fats
    • increased intake of anti-oxidants (to counter oxidative stresses and free radicals)
    • eating meals that incorporate required vitamins and minerals, primarily via food sources
    • avoiding artificial ingredients, irradiated and GMO foods
    • including sufficient fiber, enzymes and pro-biotics to promote digestion
    • chewing foods and liquids carefully to activate saliva, which furnishes digestive chemicals

Nutritional supplements can be useful when you need to boost specific nutrient levels or combat cancer triggers. When shopping for a supplement, be sure to read expert and/or user reviews, as they provide useful tips. (You may also need to research the right dosage recommendation, if product choices differ widely.) Also check for accreditation or verification labels on bottles to confirm a product has been manufactured safely. And be sure to vet products or ingredients sourced from developing countries.

EMF safety expert Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe points out that Super-Oxide Dismutase (S.O.D.) is a supplement relevant to EMF radiation impacts. She sites biochemist Martin Pall's research showing that a cancer trigger, peroxynitrite, shows up in test subjects exposed to EMF radiation. Significantly, S.O.D. destroys a molecule known as super oxide, which needs to bind with nitric oxide in order for peroxynitrite to form.

While S.O.D. is naturally produced inside our bodies, the amountdeclines with age. Deficiencies in trace minerals, including zinc, copper and manganese, will reduce the body's production of S.O.D. as well. Another way to overcome S.O.D. deficiency is to eat foods that generate glutathione and N-acetylcysteine. Both contribute to S.O.D. production. Foods with these two chemicals include garlic, broccoli, asparagus, potatoes, peppers, carrots, avocados, squash, spinach, and melons.

As for simply taking a S.O.D. supplement, critics say the supplement won't survive the trip through the digestive tract unless it's taken with gliatin a chemical found in wheat.) A few supplements on the market use a proprietary blend of gliatin and S.O.D.called Gliosodin, which may solve this problem.

To learn more about nutritional approaches to preventing or fighting disease, pick up a copy of the classic Prescription for Nutritional Healing, by Phyllis Balch. The book is out of print, so look for the latest edition when shopping. Another book, Dr. Catherine Shanahan's Deep Nutrition, offers useful guidance on why some common foods are bad (e.g. sugar and oil) and how to more easily navigate your way to a workable menu plan. As for guidance specific to EMF radiation, Anne Louise Gittleman's Zapped devotes an entire chapter to nutrition and supplements.

For more information, visit the Detox and Prevention Guide posted at ChemtrailSafety.com. Be sure to talk to your health care practitioner before making any changes to your diet, including use of supplements.

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