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It's time you get up to speed on what's happening with wireless radiation and dirty electricity...

EMFradiation.net is your launchpad for exploring the strange world of magnetic fields and radiofrequency waves. Even though you can't see them, they're there. And in this case, what you can't see might actually kill you. Use the menu on the right to find out about the dangers of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation emitted by both wireless and wired electrical devices, cell phone towers, Smart Meters, routers, broadcasting antennas, satellite dishes, utility transmission lines, radar... The list of EMF sources seems to grow longer each day. The good news is that once you know what to avoid, you can take steps towards limiting your exposure.

Unlike nuclear radiation, EMF exposure is cumulative. Our bodies are resilient, so it takes time for them to come apart. Even so, the initial symptoms can develop a lot faster than people think. We assume our fatigue, insomnia, queaziness, blood sugar spikes, skin rashes and stress are being caused by something else. But these are all signs of radiation sickness.

You'll also learn about shielding solutions to block radiation and the various EMF measuring devices (meters) on the market that make the invisible visible. Moreover, you can restore your natural biorhythms through the novel healing path of Earthing. You'll also find out how to change habits that may be accelerating the onset of radiation-related health conditions and diseases. Be sure to view the top three selections on the Watch Videos page; each of them covers a lot of material you've probably never heard about before.

The City Edition publishes EMFradiation.net as a public service and is not affiliated with any organiziation or online retailer selling EMF safety products.

If you have any questions about electromagnetic radiation, follow the article links or visit the More Resources page. If you have trouble using this website or find any information that appears to be inaccurate, please send an email to editor ** at thecityedition ** dot com.

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